The activities of the Conveyancing Department include all aspects with regard to: Conveyancing with incorporation of general transfers of properties, registration of sectional titles, transfers in terms of the Estates Act, transfers in terms of the Insolvency Act, transfers of grants of lease and lease agreements, consolidations, sub-divisions, undivided shares and sub-lease agreements as well as the registration of uniform titles, registered titles and certificates to amend incorrect transfers and mislaid title deeds.

Registration of bonds, including instalment bonds, covering bonds, sectional bonds, participation bonds, notarial bonds, the cession and cancellation thereof as well as certificates of waiver of preference. The registration of servitudes including servitudes in respect of real rights, roads, rights of way, water irrigation, gas, sewerage, overhead cables, subterranean cables, route defining, habitatio and usus.

Applications for the establishment of townships, opening of township registers, transfer of properties including applications to Court for the upliftment of restrictive conditions, registration of diagrams, surveyor maps etc.

Applications for the establishment of sectional title schemes, including the opening of sectional title registers and the transfer of sectional title units, the conducting of searches in the Deeds Office for properties as well as mineral rights.

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