The company was founded in 1948 by one Mr. Rorich, who entered into partnership with Mr. Wolmarans, one of the past Directors of the company, during 1954.

Mr. Wolmarans practised for his own account after the death of Mr. Rorich, subsequent whereto he continued the existing practice in several partnerships as the senior partner. Mr. Luderitz joined the company as a partner in 1970. During 1978 the partnership was changed into an Incorporated Company in terms of the Act on Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers and has been practising as such ever since


The company’s office is situated in the east of Pretoria and comprises a reception area, a boardroom, two kitchens and 21 offices. The company has secured undercover private parking facilities.

All the sections of the company are fully computerised and updated on a regular basis to comply with the developing requirements of our clients. All the personnel utilising this equipment are properly trained and have access to the internet and e-mail facilities. The law firm has 6 directors, 3 professional assistants, 4 candidate attorneys, 2 management and accounting, 1 receptionist, 14 secretaries, 2 messengers, 3 filing clerks, 2 kitchen and cleaning personnel.


RWL is committed to the enrichment of our immediate social environment and its people, through delivering unprecedented service levels and structuring our growth to enable a constant transfer of skills. By embracing our core deliverables, we will offer our clients a personalised and dynamic service. This platform, focusing more on how deliverables are delivered is our business ethos.

The transfer of this business ethos, shadowed by financial redistribution, will empower our social community, thereby providing us with a constant flow of dynamic individuals who understand our service commitment and are able to employ these values into the larger community.

We believe that our focused approach is key to our service level commitment. We are employing this ethos in an attempt to break the bleak mould that plagues young legal talent and pushes them out of the legal community into other arenas of commerce. All our legal incumbents that pass through our firm will be exposed to our ethos and hopefully embrace it. We believe that armed with this service-enriched mind set, they will thrive with in the global legal community and be able to add value to any organisation

Our firm and staff are professional and honest in all their dealings with our clients and their colleagues.

We endeavour to keep abreast of the developments in the law and practice taking into account interest and expectations of our clients. With years of knowledge and a formidable track record, further distinguished for our team of innovative lawyers and the countrywide clientele that the firm attracts and retains by achieving the best legal strategy for their clients, which includes individuals, entrepreneurs, listed companies, financial institutions and government.

We provide a wide range of legal services, but our primary areas of expertise are those of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Insolvency, Restructuring, Business Rescue, Conveyancing and Administration of Deceased Estates. We are committed to diversity and transformation, empowering people through tried and tested principles of training, social responsibility initiatives, employment equity, and procurement.

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